Monday, December 6, 2010

Hiring a keynote speaker

Keynote speakers can make or break your event. You can hir proffessionals in virtually every field imaginable from motivational speakers, and product specialist, to sales and marketing gurus. The sky is the limit and there are certainly a plethora of options.

These speakers are there for a reason and unless you have a wealth of networking under your belt, they are not cheap. For this reason you want to make sure you have seen them speak and are comfortable with their methods. You want to make sure they stay on topic and drive the pitch or information you want delivered while entertaining the audience. Have you ever sat through a 3 hour lecture? Dont do that to your audience. There are creative ways to deliver any message. There are people that could make lines of computer code seem interesting. Do your homework!

You may also want to ask if they can be the MC as well. This will help the flow of your event seem more fluid.

Now that you know what you want. Whats your budget. Keep in mind that you are in a business. Businesses trade services in every industry. If your a website designer in need a motivational speaker and they are in need of a website. There you go. Do your homework for that company. Find what relationships they have based on the work that you provide.

If you anticipate a higher attendance perhaps you can reserve a large room at a hotel. A lot of times based on attendance they will give you the room for free if you allow them to have the consessions. This would save you rental of a venue and you could spend that much more on a keynote speaker.

When you finally make a decision keep in mind that you get what you pay for as is most things. If you go for the cheaper guy and he fails you, You better have a backup. The speaker is your employee for the day. You should request references, certifications and see if they belong to the National Speakers Association or International Federation of Professional Speakers.

Whether you are looking for speakers to excite a workforce, provide specialized training or just to entertain, hiring your right keynote speaker is essential. If the speaker you hire connects with your audience while providing a valuable experience the benefits are tremendous.

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